Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is it like to work with a real estate investor? Are we like working with an agent? Below are a few of the most asked questions we’ve gotten.

Will you list the house on the MLS or will you buy it?

We’re not agents and we don’t list houses. We are home buyers, buying houses in Maryland (and other areas) that meet our buying criteria. We may repair the house and resell it or keep it as a rental.

Do you pay fair prices?

Most of the properties we buy are below market value (so that we can resell it at a profit to another home owner). We are looking for a discount. But in our experience, most of the sellers we work with aren’t expecting a large windfall on the property but want that fast cash, and quick closing. The other aspect is that our sellers don’t have to do any work to the property or spend anything to get things fixed up. An example of this is a house that was inherited, that needs a lot of work, and is in another state. It’s a big headache to get the house ready to sell, so the seller works with us, gets a fast cash offer and sometimes doesn’t even have to go back to the house at all.

How do you figure out the price to offer on my house?

It’s pretty straight forward – we look at what other houses in the area similar to your house – same square footage, bedrooms, etc, that have sold recently. Then we figure what repairs are needed to get the property in the same shape. Then we decide what we can offer based on those factors and a few others – such as the current market, the current costs of repairs, and costs of operating our business.

Are there any fees or commissions to work with us?

There are NO fees or commissions when selling to us. We make you an offer, if it works for you, we’ll buy your house, paying for the closings costs, and you walk away with that original offer (minus anything owed).

Am I obligated if I give you my information?

Not at all! After you’ve told us a bit about your property, we’ll figure out what we can offer, then it’s up to you to work with us or not.

If you want to see if you’re a fit for us, fill out this form here.

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