How to Sell Your House Cheaply in Baltimore

If you want to sell but are worried about the costs involved, it’s still possible to present your home in the best light on a limited budget. However, if you list with a real estate agent, you need to keep in mind that potential buyers will quickly review home photos online as they search listings. So you need to get their interest at the very least before they take the time for a deeper look into your listing.

So, how can you sell your house cheaply in Baltimore?

Cosmetic Fixes 

You can start by taking a look at your home from the street and considering the curb appeal. You want the home to appear inviting, so you should at the very least give the exterior of the house a good cleaning or even a new coat of paint. Freshening up paint and performing a slight makeover along with some old-fashioned elbow grease can attract buyers. And you might consider serious trimming of overgrown brush, keeping the lawn maintained, or possibly adding landscaping as well. If your budget allows you to invest in any renovations, consider the kitchen and baths first. These minor fixes can add interest while you avoid spending a fortune when selling your house in Baltimore. Suppose you don’t have the physical or financial ability to do the work. In that case, a direct buyer from Clipper City Home Buyers can work with you and buy your home as-is for a price you agree is fair, with no out-of-pocket expenses before closing, and you even get to save the real estate commissions for yourself. 


You can take cost-free steps when you’re on a limited budget to avoid spending a fortune when you’re selling your house in Baltimore. The general idea behind staging is to remove all personal belongings, declutter and depersonalize the space, and create a neutral pallet with paint and furnishings. Don’t forget to add a few bright touches of interest for added appeal, such as pillows, paintings, or floral arrangements. When buyers can see items that identify the owners, such as photographs, this could hinder the ability of buyers to picture themselves living in your house. You could further improve the presentation of your home by renting storage space or asking a close friend or relative to borrow a few key pieces of furnishings. If you can’t afford to rent storage, consider asking for permission to store any excess boxes or furniture until you move to your new home, which will improve the odds. If the thought of dealing with showings is just too much to bear, consider skipping the hassles of staging and showings by selling directly to a professional investor from Clipper City Home Buyers. 

Clipper City Home Buyers 

Selling directly to Clipper City Home Buyers is the best way to avoid spending a fortune when you’re selling your house in Baltimore. Clipper City Home Buyers saves you time. There will be no waiting and no more worrying. Clipper City Home Buyers guarantees your closing date, in as little as a few days, or if that is too soon, Clipper City Home Buyers will be happy to delay closing until you’re ready to go. Professional investors from Clipper City Home Buyers want you to feel confident their offer is fair, so they will go over the figures with you when they make you an offer. On top of this, the direct buyers at Clipper City Home Buyers will detail the profits you would make if you list with a conventional real estate agent. The goal at Clipper City Home Buyers is for you to make the most profit possible on the sale, even if that means you don’t work with us.

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now… 

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in MD. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. You can give us a call today at 443-218-3133 or fill out our quick cash offer form here.

How To Sell A Distressed Property In Baltimore

If you need to know how to sell a distressed property in Baltimore, we can share with you some of the options available. A traditional listing for a distressed property isn’t always the best because buyers aren’t as interested, it can take a long time to sell, and it can be costly for most owners.

Your house can fall into disrepair, we get it, life happens. Maybe there was a death, divorce, someone got sick or lost a job, which meant you had a loss of income or you have to move quickly.

Professional Buyers

A professional buyer is someone who can buy your property for cash. This can be a great thing since cash sales tend to be fairly quick, sometimes in even as little as 7 days.

Another great thing about selling to a professional buyer is that the sale is as-is. You won’t have to make any costly repairs or spend time getting the property repaired. You’ll also save on closing costs, because a professional buyer will pay all the closing costs.

Since the professional buyer is taking all the risks, their offers are below market prices. Be sure to do your research when looking into using a professional buyer. We’ve heard of folks with horror stories of working with dishonest professional buyers.


It may sound appealing to sell your distressed Baltimore property yourself. You won’t be responsible for auction or agent fees. If you know marketing and have a sense of the legal side of things, while you may need to invest a lot of time, you can save money by selling it yourself.

Unfortunately, if you’re inexperienced in marketing and the legal details, you may end up holding the property for a long time, not get the best profit and have a legal nightmare on your hands.

Professional Auctioneers

Not having to show your property is definitely a positive aspect to an auction. Going this route means you can close within 30-40 days and sell as is.

You do want to keep in mind that the fee for the service is typically high, sometimes 10 percent of the final purchase price. But, because of the nature of auctions, you don’t have a guaranteed outcome.

Whatever you decide, we wanted to share a few options. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your distressed property, you can give us a call today at 443-218-3133 or fill out our quick cash offer form here.

Selling Your House in Maryland? What Do You Do If Your Buyer Falls Through?

If you’re selling your house in Baltimore Maryland, there’s no guarantee, or way to estimate when it will sell. It can be a big let down when you think you’ve sold your home and you’re ready to move forward with plans for the new home. While it doesn’t happen every time, it’s wise to be aware as you enter the market, of the reasons a buyer falls through and what, if anything you can do to avoid it.

Backing Out

If you’re selling your house in Baltimore due to an urgent reason for relocating, the stress of the sale falling through can be disheartening. It can also be expensive when you’re forced to make arrangements due to the buyer backing out.


It’s advisable to have an independent inspection done by a professional when you’ve decided it’s time to sell your Baltimore house. Depending on the age and condition of your house, failing the inspection is a deal-breaker.

What can you do?

If you’re facing time restrictions, don’t want to have to invest even more into your property, of you just want to simplify the process of selling your house, one thing you can do is a direct sale as your exit strategy. Here at Clipper City Home Buyers, we buy homes directly and can close quickly. You can give us a call today at 443-218-3133 or fill out the form below.

Who Works At Clipper City Home Buyers?

Clipper City Home Buyers buys houses and land in Baltimore and surrounding areas and counties in Maryland. It is owned by Bret and Jennilyn Gaitan. After serving in the US Marines, Bret moved to Maryland and married Jennilyn, a native of Baltimore.

Bret graduated from Towson University and worked as a teacher in Baltimore County while building his real estate investing business. Bret and Jennilyn started their business with a desire to spend more time with their own family and friends, to invest in the communities they’ve lived in, and to help people who have property they need to be free from. He brings the same integrity and dedication he had while serving in the Marines to running his business. From teaching, he brings what he told students was one of the most important things he could teach them: Treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Here’s what a recent seller had to say about working with us.

What I liked was that I didn’t have to empty out the house. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to not have to worry about it.
John – Parkton, MD

See how we can help you by calling 443-218-3133 or by filling out the form below.

I’m Moving And Need To Sell My House in Maryland Quickly

We often hear from folks in Maryland needing to sell their house because they’re relocating. We’re able to help a lot of those sellers sell their house quickly.

Moving And Need To Sell Fast In Baltimore? Here’s Some Steps You can Take

Figure out what your house is worth. You can figure this out using a real estate agent or by reaching out to us to give you a no obligation offer on your property.

Figure out how fast you want (or need) to sell your house. We’re able to close fairly quickly, sometimes in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Figure out the value of selling fast vs. selling with an agent. Don’t forget to calculate the holding costs when figuring this out, things such as your insurance, taxes, etc. You’ll also want to calculate the agent fees of typically 3% to your agent and 3% to the buyers agent. It may make sense to sell for a discount below the retail price.

Make a decision. Whether you go with an agent or with someone like us at Clipper City Home Buyers, you’ll want to get started soon. If we can help in your decision making process, let us know now. You can give us a call today at 443-218-3133 or fill out the form below.

Why He Sold His House To An Investor Instead of Fixing or Listing With An Agent – Seller Testimonial

Today we wanted to share a seller testimonial of working with us, real estate investors, versus listing with an agent or doing the work yourself. We talk with Leo, who helped his brother in law figure out what to do with the house.

If you don’t have a few minutes to watch the video, here’s a few of the highlights.

We never met in person. The whole transaction took place remotely. 

How did Leo find us? His brother in law needed to downsize and had to get rid of his house. Leo talked with his daughter in law and she mentioned Bret, who she used to work with when he was a teacher in Catonsville, Maryland.

What was important to Leo in the process? Speed, repairs and money. There was lots of stuff in the house, some repairs were needed and just a general cleaning out. Those were some of the challenges in getting rid of the house.

We tell folks, if your house is in great condition, by all means go with an agent. What made you decide on going with us? Working with an agent seemed it would take a considerable amount of time. Contractors gave estimates on repairs and how long it would take. Leo did some due diligence on how long it would take and decided it would probably be in his brother in law’s best interest to go with us at Clipper City Home Buyers.

It would be the fastest way to get the job done. We signed in mid-November and closed in December. The attractive part was not having the responsibility of the house anymore, wouldn’t have to pay real estate commission. Didn’t have to spend several months of his time and didn’t know what other things would come up that would add on to the project if he did the work himself.

Remote Closing. We used Black Oak Title in Bel Air and did a remote closing with them.

Did you get paid? “Yes, it was like going through a normal closing of a house. After all the paperwork was signed, they cut the check. Didn’t require a lot of my time.”

How did it feel after everything was done? “It was like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. My brother in law was happy with what he got. I stopped by the house to see how our people fixing it up were doing. They did a better job than I would have done.”

Would you recommend us to anyone else in your situation? “I would. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you guys again in the future.”

If you have a house you’d like to sell fast, give us a call today at 443-218-3133 to see if we’d be a fit for you.

The Top Questions We Get From Home Sellers in Maryland

Professional home buyers have been around for a while, but many sellers may not understand the process. You may not be aware that working with professional buyers like us at Clipper City Home Buyers, can save time, money and stress.

What if my house needs work?

It doesn’t matter! When we look at properties, we know what repairs will be needed and we take on that expense. We do this so that you can walk away with what we’ve offered you and can sell your house as-is.

How long will it be until closing?

The great thing about working with investors like us is that we can typically close very fast, sometimes in as little as a week or two. If you need more time, that’s ok too!

Will I get a fair offer?

Our offer allows us to stay in business while still offering you a fair price that works for you. We take many factors into account with our offers, such as location, the age and condition of the property, and taking any repairs into account. We look at what other homes like yours are selling for and work back from there.

Do I have to pay any closing costs?

Nope! We cover the closing costs. There may be expenses like taxes due or liens on the property, or judgments, and they will be deducted from what you walk away with. Typically, there is no need to be worried about coming up with money towards these things.

Do we charge commissions or fees?

Another nope! When we make you a cash offer, it is the actual amount you’ll receive. There are lots of commissions and fees in a traditional real estate listing that you won’t have to worry about with us.

Give us a call today at 443-218-3133 to see how we can help.

3 Signs You Should Sell Your House As-Is In Baltimore

One of the top reasons for selling your house as-is, is that no matter the condition, you can simply walk away free and clear of the house that no longer suits your life, no matter the reason.

Here’s three signs that it might be time to sell your house as-is in Baltimore.


If you are facing financial struggles and need to find more affordable permanent housing but need to sell your current house first, this is a sign you should sell your house as-is in Baltimore. The best decision about selling could be by working with a direct buyer like us at Clipper City Home Buyers who will help you compare the costs of listing and what you would earn from a sale on the market, as well as the figure used to get our cash offer. We never charge commissions, and no hidden fees will be there at the closing; our offer is what you get.

Time Crunch

If you’re counting down the days until your house sells, this could be another sign it could be a fit to sell your house as-is. No matter why you need to sell in a hurry, the holding costs as the months pass can become stressful. Selling directly to a professional investor like us at Clipper City Home Buyers can save you time and stress.

Major Repairs

If you’re overwhelmed by the need to do repairs and are nervous about what else an inspection may find, this may be another sign you should sell your house as-is. A direct buyer like us works with a team to quickly assess the property, make an as-is offer, and help relieve you of the burden of the house.

Clipper City Home Buyers has the solution for you if you think selling as-is in Baltimore works for you. We have years of experience in helping homeowners like you.

Give us a call today at 443-218-3133 to see how we can help.

How The Process Works

Step 1 – Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free!

Step 2 – We’ll present you with a fair, written, no-obligation offer.

Step 3 – We’ll inspect the house at no cost to you.

Step 4 – We close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands, in as little as 7 days.

What’s the timeframe? Once we get your info, we’re usually able to make you a fair cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days, or on your schedule.

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

Clipper City Home Buyers buys houses in and around Baltimore (and other areas too!). Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly, or on your schedule. As we’ve mentioned, when you work with us, there are no fees, like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of your pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as is). You don’t have to worry about cleaning up or repairing your property. We buy houses in as is condition, no matter how ugly or pretty it is, no matter the location.