The Top Questions We Get From Home Sellers in Maryland

Professional home buyers have been around for a while, but many sellers may not understand the process. You may not be aware that working with professional buyers like us at Clipper City Home Buyers, can save time, money and stress.

What if my house needs work?

It doesn’t matter! When we look at properties, we know what repairs will be needed and we take on that expense. We do this so that you can walk away with what we’ve offered you and can sell your house as-is.

How long will it be until closing?

The great thing about working with investors like us is that we can typically close very fast, sometimes in as little as a week or two. If you need more time, that’s ok too!

Will I get a fair offer?

Our offer allows us to stay in business while still offering you a fair price that works for you. We take many factors into account with our offers, such as location, the age and condition of the property, and taking any repairs into account. We look at what other homes like yours are selling for and work back from there.

Do I have to pay any closing costs?

Nope! We cover the closing costs. There may be expenses like taxes due or liens on the property, or judgments, and they will be deducted from what you walk away with. Typically, there is no need to be worried about coming up with money towards these things.

Do we charge commissions or fees?

Another nope! When we make you a cash offer, it is the actual amount you’ll receive. There are lots of commissions and fees in a traditional real estate listing that you won’t have to worry about with us.

Give us a call today at 443-218-3133 to see how we can help.

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