Why He Sold His House To An Investor Instead of Fixing or Listing With An Agent – Seller Testimonial

Today we wanted to share a seller testimonial of working with us, real estate investors, versus listing with an agent or doing the work yourself. We talk with Leo, who helped his brother in law figure out what to do with the house.

If you don’t have a few minutes to watch the video, here’s a few of the highlights.

We never met in person. The whole transaction took place remotely. 

How did Leo find us? His brother in law needed to downsize and had to get rid of his house. Leo talked with his daughter in law and she mentioned Bret, who she used to work with when he was a teacher in Catonsville, Maryland.

What was important to Leo in the process? Speed, repairs and money. There was lots of stuff in the house, some repairs were needed and just a general cleaning out. Those were some of the challenges in getting rid of the house.

We tell folks, if your house is in great condition, by all means go with an agent. What made you decide on going with us? Working with an agent seemed it would take a considerable amount of time. Contractors gave estimates on repairs and how long it would take. Leo did some due diligence on how long it would take and decided it would probably be in his brother in law’s best interest to go with us at Clipper City Home Buyers.

It would be the fastest way to get the job done. We signed in mid-November and closed in December. The attractive part was not having the responsibility of the house anymore, wouldn’t have to pay real estate commission. Didn’t have to spend several months of his time and didn’t know what other things would come up that would add on to the project if he did the work himself.

Remote Closing. We used Black Oak Title in Bel Air and did a remote closing with them.

Did you get paid? “Yes, it was like going through a normal closing of a house. After all the paperwork was signed, they cut the check. Didn’t require a lot of my time.”

How did it feel after everything was done? “It was like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. My brother in law was happy with what he got. I stopped by the house to see how our people fixing it up were doing. They did a better job than I would have done.”

Would you recommend us to anyone else in your situation? “I would. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you guys again in the future.”

If you have a house you’d like to sell fast, give us a call today at 443-218-3133 to see if we’d be a fit for you.

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